March 25, 2009

'Three Stooges' coming together at MGM

As a big fan of Moe, Larry, and Curly, (and yes, even Shemp) I have to say this saddens me a bit.

MGM and the Farrelly brothers are finally slapping together their high-profile cast for "The Three Stooges," a comedy project the filmmakers have been developing for years. Sean Penn is set to play Larry, and Jim Carrey is in negotiations to play Curly. Benicio del Toro is a rumored possibility for the brothers' taciturn leader, Moe.

I see this as having too good of a chance at diminishing what the original Three Stooges accomplished. If it sucks even half as bad as I'm thinking it will, then the new generations will quickly forget about the Three Stooges. Why, in their view, should they waste their time exposing themselves to the original shorts if this movie with Penn, Carrey, and del Torro sucks?

Again, original brilliance is relegated to a modern re imagining with too good of a chance of being destroyed in the process.

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Luis Fernandez said...

Another possibility is that the movie is mediocre but commercially successful (likely given its star power). Then instead of new generations forgetting about the Stooges, they'll know about them but instead think Penn, Carrey and del Torro when they think Stooges. This is kinda what happened to The Addams Family... I know a bunch of younger people who know the Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston movies, but not the TV show or the cartoon.

Really sad stuff :(

Randy Anderson said...

True. And thus, the brilliance of the original Stooges will be diminished. The Stooges will be thought of as that mediocre movie with Penn, Carrey, and del Torro. And if it's really mediocre, then why would any one want to check out the original?

Well, I'll be exposing my sons to the original Stooges. If they like 'em, great. If they don't, that's fine, too. But at least they will have seen the original.

Maybe we're getting old? ;-)