July 2, 2009

When your phone rings, the copyright police may come calling

A digital rights group is contesting a U.S. music industry association's assertion that royalties are due each time a mobile phone ringtone is played in public.

The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) filed suit against AT&T asserting that ringtones qualify as a public performance under the Copyright Act.

Fucking leeches.

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ASCAP’s suit highlights efforts by the music industry to aggressively assert its influence in dealing with new digital media. ASCAP wants mobile operators to pay royalties or be held liable for the so-called public performances of the ringtones. The organization has indicated that it would not pursue claims against individual consumers but rather the operators.

I guess that's supposed to keep the wrath of the individual consumers off their asses. Well, quite frankly, it's not fair to the "operators".

A public performance?

A Fucking. Public. Performance.?

These bastards sure know how to alienate the consumers that made them rich.

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