April 14, 2008

Music Label's Copyright Argument is Rubbish

Tossing it like a Frisbee is OK. The kids, cat and dog scratching the hell out of it is just fine.

But throwing away that CD is copyright infringement.


The record label says throwing away such CDs is a no-no because it claims it has an eternal right of ownership to them.

The label's attorney taking that position is Russell Frackman, and he's no stranger to copyright law. Frackman was one of the lead lawyers who brought down Napster.

Threat Level called him Friday at his Los Angeles office, and got "No reply." (Taking Frackman's argument to its logical conclusion, Threat Level just opened itself up to a lawsuit for writing the name of a Beatles' song without permission. And deleting this post from your RSS inbox might also get you hauled into court.)

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