April 18, 2008

New kind of killer virus discovered in Bolivia

The CDC laboratory confirmed they were dealing with something never seen before. Tests on even the most obscure pathogens all turned up negative, Rollin says. When the researchers squirted the patient’s serum sample onto human cells growing in a Petri dish, a virus started multiplying. Rollin’s team dubbed it Chapare, after the victim’s home province.

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The Neither Party said...

Interesting...and disturbing--but not so much due to the disease. Let's see: The story was published today,,,with an obvious scare headline in a BREAKING NEWS Box,,,about a medical event which occurred over 5 years ago.
Why print the story now?
If no more cases since then, why the 'SCARY' headline emphasizing NEW KILLER VIRUS?
Could this be anything more than propaganda used to shut down the meager Bolivian tourism trade?
I think something stinks--that there is another agenda somehow--and would like some answers to my questions, please.

antipartisan said...

I also suspect pavlovian manipulation