May 4, 2008

Since Pope Benedict gave cover to the church's pedophiles, does that mean all Catholics are pedophiles?

Now hold on a second, before you find a rope and drag me to the nearest tree. I am just asking a question using the same framing methods used by the American MSM when they started their tarring and feathering of Obama and his association with Reverend Wright.


And what does "God's Rottweiller" have to say about the Church's pedophila scandal?


This is the face of JC's Vicar on Earth?

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Luis Fernandez said...

Ah, the delicious taste of propoganda. I wonder if, as he wrote "This is the face of JC's Vicar on Earth?", the author didn't have to stop a few times and scratch as the hairshirt he was wearing was causing him to itch.

Regarding Crimen Sollicitationis, I refer to:

"Crimen Sollicitationis dealt with canonical cases against a priest that could lead to removal from ministry or expulsion from the priesthood. Its imposition of secrecy thus concerned the church's internal disciplinary process. It did not, according to canonical experts, prevent a bishop or anyone else from reporting a crime against a minor to the civil authorities."


"Canon lawyers told NCR that secrecy in canonical cases serves three purposes. First, it is designed to allow witnesses and other parties to speak freely, knowing that their responses will be confidential. Second, it allows the accused party to protect his good name until guilt is established. Third, it allows victims to come forward without exposing themselves to publicity. The high degree of secrecy in Crimen Sollicitationis was also related to the fact that it dealt with the confessional."


"That Crimen Sollicitationis was not designed to 'cover up' sex abuse, canonists say, is clear in paragraph 15, which obligates anyone with knowledge of a priest abusing the confessional for that purpose to come forward, under pain of excommunication for failing to do so. This penalty is stipulated, the document says, 'lest [the offense] remain occult and unpunished and always with inestimable detriment to souls.'"

There's no doubt that the pedophile scandal is disgraceful, and that there should have been (and should be) swift action taken, and that many in the highest office failed to act quickly or at all. But there's also no doubt that there are those who would use this scandal to take the misdeeds of some (and here I refer to the pedophiles and the bishops who covered them up) and twist history to falsely accuse the Pope, and the Church in its entirety, of crimes it simply didn't commit.