August 10, 2008

Science close to unveiling invisible man

INVISIBILITY devices, long the realm of science fiction and fantasy, have moved closer after scientists engineered a material that can bend visible light around objects.

The breakthrough could lead to systems for rendering anything from people to large objects, such as tanks and ships, invisible to the eye – although this is still years off.

But it's coming...

Read more, and think about how this technology will be abused.


Luis Fernandez said...

"Science close to unveiling invisible man". I can see it now...

Scientist: "Ladies and gentlemen, I give you... the Invisible Man!"

(Scientist removes veil)

Audience: "Umm... where is he?"


Randy Anderson said...

I'm not sure if that's a slap to the intelligence of the audience or to the scientists in general.

Or, maybe it's both!

Yep. That's got to be it. Good work!