March 12, 2008

Spitzer's E-Escort Plight Shows Workings of Prostitution 2.0

Archived copies of the site show it presented visitors with a menu of women, complete with photographs in which female bodies are on display, while their faces stay out-of-frame or are digitally obscured. The site ranks the prostitutes from one to seven using sparkling, animated gif diamonds. Hourly rates went according to the assigned ranking -- seven diamonds being the highest and most expensive.


"For example ... the Emperors Club charged $1,000 per hour for a three-diamond prostitute and $3,100 per hour for a seven-diamond prostitute," the FBI said in an affidavit. "The web site offered the Emperors Club's most valued clients 'membership' in the 'Icon Club,' a status which allowed the clients to access restricted areas of the web site and permitted them to schedule appointments for illegal prostitution services with the most highly-ranked prostitutes whose fees started at $5,500 per hour."

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