March 10, 2008

When God goes to the office

Religion, like sex and politics, once was considered inappropriate watercooler talk. Not anymore. Prayer sessions, religious diversity groups and chaplains like Reece, along with rabbis and imams, have become more common across corporate America in the past decade.

Christ in a basket.

Fifty percent of those questioned in a 2002 Gallup poll said religious expression should be tolerated in the work place while another 28 percent thought it should be encouraged. That's compared to 21percent who didn't see a place for religious expression on the job.

Christ on a cross.

The increase in religious expression at work may be tied to politics. "When President Bush took office, he was very vocal about his faith," says Os Hillman, founder and director of the International Coalition of Workplace Ministries. "I think that gave those of faith the license to share their beliefs."

Here's the way it should be: Believe what you want and shut the hell up.

"There are more places to pray in America than (there are) pizza parlors. Go to them."


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